Moving In Arizona

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Arizona Is Calling New Homeowner Wannabe’s!

If you are a frequent “snowbird” visitor to the State of Arizona every year (especially to avoid the cold wintertime where your permanent residence is located) perhaps the time has come to unload some of those green pieces of paper with the picture of dead presidents on the front, and become an Arizona homeowner, too. Arizona is a beautiful state however one major decision you will face is the location. You know, like the mountains verses city living in populated places like Phoenix and Tucson. Oh sure, sandwiched around the state you’ll find plenty of lovely smaller areas to buy and live that are easily within a short drive on the freeways without having the problem of daily introducing yourself to a scorpion or two or three every now and then. But that’s why this state has some of the best bug and pest control scottsdale treatments centers to be found anywhere.

Comfort – Proximity – Amenities

In this new Arizona homeowner scenario we will assume that your purchase matched features of your needs; maybe even a replica of the residence back east. Actually, it’s safe to say that on occasion, some buyers make ill-advised choices. That said, here are a few professional guidelines you should consider:

* Comfort And Amenities

Since the sun is more than a frequent visitor to the “land of the sun” if you wanted a swimming pool, did you pencil it in on your check list? Did you also inquire what the cost might be for care and continued upkeep of that pool? Most senior folks who live in Arizona don’t come to this state to scrape leaves and other debris out of their pool as well as handling other things even a small pool requires. Also, were you aware all that sunshine might require your air conditioning to be running day and night in the months beginning in May though September when most of the heat is at its peak?

* Amenities And A Budget

arizona real estate Beyond the purely functional stuff, if you purchase an older home, a wise suggestion is to have a complete home inspection company take a good, hard look at your new purchase. Things like a tile roof with missing tile, as well as bathrooms and the kitchen area that hasn’t seen a scrub brush or replacement since Bush was president could end up costing you a fortune. Also, an extra amenity to consider is a large pool cover in the late fall and winter and since the sun shines nearly all the time, think: Solar Powers.

Note: Regarding solar power. Since the state of Arizona is sun-drenched, solar power is very popular. However, recently the Salt River Project (energy company) is trying to kill the option of energy independence; ergo, residential solar. So be careful if solar power interests you. Even if it could save you a bundle of money it may not be worth the headache. Just remember the famous words of Henry Ford who said: “You can have any color car as long as it’s black.”